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Window Cleaning Services

At Mr. Squeegy Window Cleaning, we pride ourselves on providing a superior window cleaning service. Clean windows make any home sparkle and yours shouldn't be the exception. 

To keep yo​ur windows shining, and prevent corrosion or mineral deposits from staining your glass, we recommend your windows be cleaned a minimum of 3-4 times per year. Our standard window cleaning service includes washing all windows, including storm doors, sliding doors and any garage windows, and thoroughly wiping down all window sills. 

Average service plans are monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or semi-annually. However, we never hold anyone to term agreements. Customers are free to change their cleaning schedules at any time. We even offer one-time and on-call window cleaning services.

  • Standard Exterior Window Cleaning - As detailed above.​

  • Interior Window Cleaning - All precautions to protect your home are taken, including ladder pads, drop cloths and disposable shoe booties.

  • Screen Cleaning - All screens are removed, hand scrubbed and put back in place.

Gutter Services

Clogged, dirty gutters can cause a list of costly problems ranging from collapsed gutters and clogged downspouts to severe water damage around your foundation. Who wants to replace their gutters prematurely or deal with mold and water problems? 

We recommend a minimum of one gutter cleaning a year, generally during late fall or once the majority of leaves have fallen. Homes with close proximity to trees often prefer to have a second cleaning sometime in the spring or summer. Call us today and save yourself headaches tomorrow.

  • Gutter Cleaning - All leaves, sticks and other debris are removed from the entire length of your gutters. All downspouts are also cleared and inspected to ensure proper water flow.

  • Gutter Sealing - Most gutter leaks can be repaired with the application of a high grade gutter sealant.


Miscellaneous Services

In addition to our core window & gutter cleanings services, we also offer a handful of other services including:

  • Light Bulb Changing - Have a light fixture that is difficult or even dangerous to access? Our team can save you time and stress by safely and quickly changing any and all light bulbs.

  • Mirror Cleaning - In addition to window cleaning, we also specialize in cleaning most other interior glass surfaces, including mirrors of all shapes and sizes.

  • Snow Removal - Using only commercial grade snow blowers, we clear snow from driveways all winter long! No messy or destructive snow plows. Standard service also includes hand shoveling of front sidewalk and the application of de-icer to both driveway and front sidewalk.

  • And more! Give us a call to see if we can help you with any additional needs at your home or business. 

Request a free estimate or contact us today for more details on any of our services.